Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Hilton Released from Jail

Paris Hilton has been released from jail on Thursday, after just a 3+ day stay for violating her probation after a drunk driving charge, according to a report by NBC News.

According to reports by TMZ News (, The notorious party heiress has been fitted for an ankle bracelet and reassigned to House arrest. Reportedly the authorities decided to release Hilton from jail due to medical reasons. TMZ reports this according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesperson, Steve Whitmore.

During a press conference held in front of the jail, reporters attempted to learn the details of the medical condition. Whitmore said he "could not discuss even the slightest health-related details due to confidentiality laws. Hilton had been initially sentenced to 45 days in jail, which was later reduced to 23 days for presumed good behavior.

Whitmore stated that Paris was not released early, rather that she had been reassigned. Paris Hilton will be confined to house arrest in her West Hollywood home for 40 days. Hilton is confined to a 3000-4000 foot radius of freedom. She has been fitted for an ankle bracelet, according to the statement made by Whitmore, in the press conference. This is in contrast to her jail cell, which was 96 square feet. After 40 days of house arrest, Whitmore said , "she will have fulfilled her debt to society."

During Hilton's confinement in jail, she was visited daily by her lawyer and psychiatrist, according to TMZ News. TMZ News stated that they had been told by "Unimpeachable source's" that the deal was sealed yesterday, and that Hilton made her exit early this morning.".

Much has been made of the heiress's stint in jail. Questions have been raised about whether Paris had received "celebrity justice". Hilton had been kept in an isolated cell 23 hours a day, reportedly for her safety.