Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lindsay Lohan in Rehab

Lindsay Lohan, the twenty-one year old actress who has seemed to suffer meltdown after meltdown in recent months, isn't immune to scandal, even in rehab. Tucked away at Cirque Lodge, an upscale rehab facility in Utah, Lindsay Lohan is evidently still battling her vices. Word is that while she has been avoiding drugs and drinking, she is having a more difficult time abstaining from sex. Here are the recent rumors about the latest celebrity sex scandal, involving Lindsay Lohan in rehab.

Rehab insiders apparently say that Lindsay Lohan was caught in a compromising position at the Utah treatment facility during her stay. She and another male patient were evidently caught in a bathroom together, and rumors around the facility were that the two of them were engaging in sex. Some call it a way of acting out in the face of authority. Violating rules, whether in rehab or in the real world, are so ingrained for Lindsay Lohan that they are, for her, part of the norm.

Can Lindsay Lohan salvage her once promising career on the silver screen? Many Hollywood insiders are saying no. First and foremost, of course, she will have to find a way to put an end to her self-destructive behavior, and that for any twenty-one year is easier said than done. For a twenty-one year old mega-celebrity with millions of dollars, who is constantly in the spotlight, it is even more difficult.

Making bad movies doesn't help. And this summer's I Know Who Killed Me probably didn't help Lindsay Lohan's career any more than her drinking and drugging and driving under the influence.

And, of course, there is that double standard. Lindsay Lohan is a female. She is not supposed to be partying like Robert Downey, Jr. and Christian Slater on New Years Eve. She is not supposed to be screwing more celebrities than Scott Baio. And as a lady, as a Hollywood starlet, she sure isn't supposed to be flashing her bare crotch for photographers.